The Tragedy of Fatal Hit and Run Accidents
on America's Deadly Roads

Dedicated to the Victims of Leaving the Scene Crashes

Notice - This site is no longer actively updated. The site will be left online as a informational site, and as a memorial to the victims who lost their lives during the period covered. An active forum was just opened in June 2010 to assist victims of hit and run accidents and can be found at Hit and Run Forum.
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Deadly Roads is an advocacy site operating as a living memorial to fatal hit and run crash victims, and as a grass roots effort at bringing public attention to this ever increasing problem. Called leaving the scene of an accident, hit-skip, hit and run, and failure to render aid, charges against hit-run drivers who leave behind death and injury can range from a felony in 47 states, to a misdemeanor in 3 others. Hit and run drivers come in all ages, races, nationalities and professions, as do the victims of a hit and run crash.

On average, 4 people will die in the United States today because of a hit and run driver.*

For every one killed, 72 are injured on one of America's dangerous, deadly roads.*

This site speaks on behalf of those who can speak no more.

Dedicated to all victims who have died in a hit and run accident, and those that knew and loved them

Sharks kill an average of 10 people a year worldwide.

Hit and run drivers kill more in 3 days in the U.S. alone.

In memory

*See Sitemap for Statistical Tabulation

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